In progress:


Line follower robot with vision-based predictive control algorithms, using ROS and optimal control.

Collaborative projects:

Multi-loop control

Multidimensional object control using PID and DMC.

Temperature logger

Logs temperature on rocket nose cone in 4 points.

TuCAN rocket electronics

Electronics in CanSat launcher-type rocket.



Electric mountainboard with two BLDC motors, CAN bus, Bluetooth interface and Android app.

MPC simulation

Model Predictive Control algorithms (DMC and GPC) implemented and tested in MATLAB.


Rocket Launcher Data Acquisition System for Students' Space Association.

Noise remover

Remove noise from photos by modifying its frequency spectrum.

Robot simulator

6-DOF robot simulation (forward and inverse kinematics) with C++, Qt and OpenGL.

Digital filter

AVR-based digital filter with selectable filter type: Butterworth (LP/HP/BP) and Chebyshev (LP/HP).

System response

MATLAB simulation program to calculate system response using discrete differential equations.

Linear drive

Linear table with stepper motor for precise actuation.

3D printer

Very useful machine in maker's workshop.

Capacity meter

Simple device to measure capacity of battery (e.g. Lipo) by discharging it with specified current.

Pomodoro Timer v0.2

Improved version of productivity enhancing timer.

Digital thermometer

Simple thermometer using ATtiny, DS18B20 and shift registers.

Pomodoro Timer v0.1

First version of time management device.

Path finding

Application written in C++ (using Qt framework) employing A* algorithm.


My second copter with KK2.0 controller for recreational flying.

Flying wing

RC controller wing with FPV system and autopilot.

Line following robot

Very simple robot that follows black line.

Temporarily suspended:


Roller blinds controlled via IR remote (and possibly PC).