TuCAN rocket electronics


TuCAN rocket is the biggest rocket developed by Rocketry Division of Students' Space Association so far. Main goal of TuCAN project is to construct a launch vehicle appropriate for a CanSat experiment competition. The rocket can take 8 or 12 CanSats (depending on jettisoning system configuration) to altitude of around 4km.

First version of the rocket (TuCAN-1a) was launched on 29.10.2016. Next launch is planned for 30.09.2017.


Since I'm mostly involved in electronics-side of this project, I will focus on on-board computers and cameras systems in this description.


As mentioned earlier, recovery system of TuCAN-1a failed (possibly due to electronics malfunction - we don't know for sure). TuCAN-1b is currently being built. Improved version implements changes that address issues, that could've led to rocket failure. More info to come :)